No Excuses November Fitness Challenge

No Excuses November

Who is the No Excuses November Fitness Challenge for?

 If YOU would like to SHED 10-15 lbs., all BEFORE Thanksgiving…. or maybe you don’t need to lose weight, but MAN, it sure would be nice to have a little tone in your abs {and booty!!} then this No Excuses November Fitness Challenge is for you!

No Excuses November Fitness Challenge



…and before I give you all the details I want to tell you why this challenge is different than my usual challenges.

What Makes the No Excuses November Fitness Challenge Unique?

Here’s the scoop.  I am always on a health and fitness journey myself.  However this time I personally am hitting the “reset” button and starting over!!  I am giving myself a redo! I am starting this No Excuses November challenge right along side of you with my own Day 1 measurements, weight and before photos. After a year of getting my LIFE back in check to where it needs to be in my personal relationships {more on this to come – but I made THIS video to share some of my story} I have a huge NEED for accountability, motivation and people to keep ME going too!!

Lets forget the gimmicky miracle shakes, energy drinks, fad diets and detoxes… and lets just get down to the core of what results are made from! Hard Work AND Getting RID of Excuses!!

No Excuses November Work with Jenn
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This is all about LIFE CHANGE! We don’t put bandaids on the problems that have gotten you to where you are today and pretend that they are no longer there… We go straight to the source of the problems and figure out how to overcome them!
My goal for myself {and Y O U} for this No Excuses November Fitness Challenge is to not just leave with a better BODY, but to end out November as someone who is beautiful from the INSIDE, OUT and isn’t afraid to say it!
Jenn Greenberg InstagramI’ll be sharing my journey over on Instagram and IG Stories as well!!
If you are ready to ignite YOUR INNER BADASS then what are you waiting for? REGISTER BELOW OR EMAIL ME {} DIRECTLY FOR THE DETAILS!

(Sorry coaches, this one is for customers ONLY)
I would absolutely LOVE to work together with you!!  I am excited to find a core group of girls that really want to commit and leave the excuses behind during the month of November!

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