LIIFT4 Workout with Joel Freeman. Why I’ll finish this time!

Hi there! I’m Jenn. A super habitual starter and stopper. I am that girl who starts something one day and has all the enthusiasm and good intention in the world…. and then a week later you can find me moving on to something else.

So a while back, this program LIIFT 4 was released. I was super pumped about it and thought it could be my soulmate program for realz. The program is set up to be a combination of lifting heavy, HIIT cardio, and abs. There are 4 days a week of workouts and 3 days of recovery. The recovery is meant to be more of an active recovery day rather than just a plain REST day.

My body has always responded pretty well to lifting schedules. Also with four days of workouts per week, it gave me plenty of flexibility to move things around if needed and not fall off track. I originally did the program in 2018. Its 8 weeks long. Welllllll – I made it to week 7.

My first time doing LIIFT 4

So it has bothered me for a while that I didn’t finish the LIIFT 4 Workout with Joel Freeman. Since then, I have moved on to other workouts and started and completed them.

I recently (well 6 week ago) started LIIFT 4 Workout again. It was not really “planned” necessarily. I just went with it. Now I am almost done with Week 6 and can see the finish line ahead!!! I have kept this un-finished calendar in my workout area so that its a reminder to me that I will NOT allow myself to get so close to finishing again without crossing the line this time!!

“Whatever it takes to finish things, finish. You will learn more from a glorious failure than you ever will from something you never finished.” 
― Neil Gaiman

So I am making this blog post today to be that much more PROOF that I will finish strong!! There is actually a new program being released that many of my friends are starting on Monday. Its taking all of my might to NOT jump ship…. but I really WANT this for ME!! I really want to finally say that I followed thru with what I said I would do.

Every time that you finish something you started – it becomes that much easier the next time. That is a quality that I want more of in my life and also a quality I want to be modeling for my son!!

SO – I expect to be sharing my final review and results from the program in a couple more weeks!! I don’t know what the results will be (I’m already down 6 lbs!!) but either way I know I’ll finish STRONG and I’ll be proud of myself for it!

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