Male 80 Day Obsession Progress

Male 80 day obsession progress

Male 80 Day Obsession Progress

I have two really amazing male 80 day obsession progress stories to share with you today!  I get asked pretty often if I have any transformation stories of any actual male 80 day obsession progress pics.  SO here you go!

Male 80 day obsession progress

Its the start of Phase 2 of the 80 Day Obsession program that I have been doing! I am really loving the journey so far!  I am seeing really awesome results. Today is day 34 and the workout was called Cardio Core.  I am not really a cardio lover but this workout kicks my butt and really challenges me.  Also, it incorporates more than just intense cardio.  Cardio core adds in specific ab workouts that target your whole core… and THAT makes the workout much more doable for me!

Find out more about the 80 Day Obsession Program HERE.

Can a Male 80 Day Obsession Progress Story be common with this program?

One of the questions I get asked a lot is if there are any male 80 day obsession progress stories.  The picture above is actually a progress photo from my very own cousin who is doing this program with us now!  He just finished Phase one of the program (same as me).

When I asked Chris if I can share his male 80 day obsession progress so far he told me a little more about his experience and thoughts on the program he has…
The program is awesome I love it. It’s pushing me to do things I’ve never done before or work parts of my body I wouldn’t have before. It’s helped my posture a tone and has me standing straight up and not hunched over my back feels better.

I want to share another male 80 day obsession progress photo with you from my coach who got me started with this program too!  He has been super dedicated on his journey and following along the workout schedule and meal plan.  Here is his progress so far after 4 weeks into the program:

80 day obsession male progress phase 1Here is a little more about what Scottie shared about his progress so far with the program:

27 days later and I haven’t been eating chips, cookie dough, energy drinks, and all those things that I knew were not the best for me.

I have way more energy and I am sleeping the best I have ever slept in my entire life.

Day 1 Weight 168.5 lbs
Day 27 Weight 161.5 Lbs



SO there are MEN who are doing this program and rocking it with GREAT results!!  I was so excited to share these male 80 day obsession progress photos with you all!

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